Foreskin Restoration

Restoring your foreskin is perhaps the easiest exercise to do, and only requires about 10 minutes of exercise a day to accomplish. Restoring your foreskin is actually very important to many men because this is the way that GOD intended us to be.

Why do we get circumcised?
Who knows, but I'm sure itís organized religious hogwash more than it is for "health" purposes. Having a natural foreskin will enhance sensation during intercourse, as well as create a thicker appearance and sensation to your partner.

It also protects your penis when it's not in use. Thousands of years ago the Romans used to pierce one side of the foreskin and sew a button onto the other side so that the penis could be "buttoned up" when not in use.

Also, it helps during intercourse because your penis can still thrust in and out of the vagina when your partner is more "dry" than normal without causing irritation to the vaginal wall.

It also keeps your penis warmer when it's flaccid, causing it to hang lower and appear more "hung" than a penis that's been circumcised Overall, it's just more fun to have a nice foreskin than not. To form a nice thick foreskin you need to plan for at least 2-3 months of daily stretching to see the results that you desire.

You do not need any lubrication for this exercise, and your penis and hands should be dry while performing this exercise. Let's get started. Massage your self to an erection.

Pump your PC about 50 times or so to engorge your penis will as much blood as possible. Continue to massage for several minutes until you are has hard as you can be. Take your right or left hand and grab around the base of your erection quite firmly. Now pull your hand toward your head, pushing your skin as far toward or past your head as you can.

When you feel your skin begin to stretch really well, hold this until your erection begins to soften. Achieve another erection and repeat the stretching exercise again. Continue this exercise for about 10 minutes per day, or as long as you see fit.

The longer you stretch the quicker you will see results. The last 2-3 sets of stretches really pull your skin toward your head as hard as you can without feeling pain. Eventually within a few weeks, you should be able to pull your skin past your penises head.

This is when you will start to see real foreskin development taking place. Keep it up, it's well worth the effort!

Also, this exercise, when performed daily, will actually help lengthen your penis! Talk about a bonus for your efforts!




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